Azul Details

Rev up your market

Receive payments through your web page or mobile application

Growth and expansion

Don't limit yourself locally. Go international by selling on the web

End to end security

Developed with a high awareness of web electronic security

High availability

Authorizations 24/7 through our electronic channels in case of an event


E-commerce like you need it

In AZUL we offer various connection options depending on the needs and capabilities of your business. We have a web service that enables the integration of payment functionality in your systems. In addition, we offer you our Payment Page, a solution of easy integration and high security for you and your customers.

Manage your business

Receive daily reports to your e-mail for greater convenience and control. Additionally, you will be able to consult them through our web page, for better management of your business.

Other benefits:

Expert support
Next day deposits
Detailed Reports
Training on best practices

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