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Take your business towards the future of payments, by accepting mobile transactions

Only available through AZUL

Function only available at AZUL terminals


Offer convenience to your customers by giving them more payment options


Robust and stable processing of transactions in a fast, easy and transparent manner, while ensuring high availability


What is Billetera Móvil Altice?

Billetera Móvil Altice is an account which is linked to your customer's mobile and ID (cedula) numbers. This virtual wallet allows one to store and send cash, make payments and/or purchases in a safe and simple way.

Billetera Móvil Altice is issued to personal clients by the Banco Popular Dominicano in conjunction with AlticeDominicana.

24/7 Service

At AZUL we place at your disposal an affiliate support plan, which guarantees you high availability and personalized service at your fingertips.

Other benefits:

Superior technical support 24/7
Fast deposits
Detailed reports

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