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For fraud and chargeback prevention we recommend:

Store vouchers for at least one year.

Work out with the cardholder any dispute regarding the quality of products or services.

Do not process the transaction if you receive a Declined code during authorization.

Include a description of goods and services in the sales receipt.

Deliver the merchandise or provide the service before charging the card.

If applicable, include the CVV2 code (Card Verification Value) and AVS (Address Verification Service) for transactions where the card is not present.

Make sure the voucher is always signed by the cardholder.

After a transaction, always make sure that value on the voucher is identical to that of the sales receipt.

Always make sure that the cardholder’s signature matches the one on the back of the card.

Carry out a daily batch closure.

In the event that AZUL requests a copy of the voucher and/or other documents for validation purposes, always reply and turn in the requested documents within the period indicated in the letter.

Make sure you turn in legible vouchers.

If during the course of a transaction you receive a message asking you to contact the issuer and/or AZUL, do not continue with the transaction until you have called and confirmed the event. You should be prepared to answer any questions and keep in mind that the agent may ask to speak with the cardholder.

Do not carry out transactions with expired cards. Verify the expiration date.

On transactions where no card is present (MOTO), try to get an imprint of the card on the voucher; this is proof that the cardholder approved the transaction.

Don’t carry out more than one transaction within 15 minutes with the same card.

Avoid duplicate transactions.